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Amateur Radio Using Digital Modes

Updated 24 July 2018

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who attended the Amateur Radio Using Digital Modes workshop at HOPE XII. I hope the workshop met your expectation. I'm interested in hearing your feedback on what you liked, disliked, wanted to see more or less of, etc via this short survey - no personal identifying info asked. If you would rather send me an EMAIL, my EMAIL address is noted further down this page.

This page is now an archive of the workshop.


You want to play with wireless communications and heard getting an Amateur Radio license expands the spectrum available to you to transmit on? That’s great but experimenting is all you want to do and any communication with another “ham” you would like to keep it “short and sweet” and to the experiment at hand. Playing with the various digital modes of communications used in Amateur Radio can be a good starting point to ease into the hobby both cheaply and at a comfort zone of human interaction desired.

This workshop will introduce various digital mode communications used in Amateur Radio using a simple setup they can build with a laptop, open source software, and around $65 USD in hardware. Note the following:


Lecture source material and slides used for the workshop.

Lab Exercises

While the software used in the workshop is cross-platform, all lab exercises have been documented and tested with Windows and Linux (Debian variant) platforms only. Mac OSX testing was performed but not documented. Any OS specifics and/or exceptions are called out in the labs. Lab material details will be posted on day of workshop.


Any questions can be directed to consigliere AT cupano DOT com


- Joe, NE2Z