Over twenty years experience in the development and execution of business-aligned technology strategies for global organizations leading to today’s focus on the latest innovations in cloud, security, and Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud . . .

Go-To-Market strategy, partner and field enablement, execution and delivery of Enterprise and Native Hybrid Cloud deployments for Globally recognized brands developing a well stocked portfolio of reference accounts.

Security . . .

“If there is no business/mission, there is nothing to secure!” – Joe Cupano

Security is only one facet of risk to be assessed in achieving business/mission success. Recognized information security expert advising security start-ups and well branded vendors, quoted in various media including Homeland Security Europe, invited speaker to industry and government events (public and private.) Author of various whitepapers which include contributing to the Cloud Security Alliance’s “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing.” Held a wide range of security roles across industry with expertise touching on SIGINT, OSINT, HUMINT.

Internet of Things (IoT) . . .

My lifelong interest in Amateur Radio (licensed since a teenager) and Electrical Engineering background have me starting in PC component level hardware repair and assembly language programming. When PC w’ went “board level service” I stayed close to the hardware work with the roots of IoT during the evolution of standalone programmable controllers (PIC) to wireless networking enabled Systems on a Chip (SoC.) Experience in the application of currently available technologies to commercially viable solutions working with various
start-ups and makerspaces.

Outside of his professional life, Joe is a Amateur Extra Class Radio Operator licensed as NE2Z and likes to experiment with low power transceivers, software defined radio, antenna design, and helping new “hams” get further into Amateur Radio.

Joe currently serves as a Board Director for the Orange County Amateur Radio Club in Orange County, New York and Past Secretary for the Upper New York Repeater Council.

Joe can be contacted via EMAIL at joe AT cupano DOT com.