The Day my EMAIL Address Died (Part 2)

In Part 1 the Internet economy crushes my local trusted EMAIL provider, “FamilyProvider” and I do not learn about it until four hours before they depart the Internet forever. Four hours to come up with a new EMAIL address and update all my critical web accounts with that address.

At the time I was in a hotel room traveling for work and did not relish the thought of using hotel wifi for work ahead given how insecure they can be. Fortunately I remembered I could USB tether to my cell phone for Internet access. That has it’s own risks but a more acceptable risk than hotel wifi. With that settled, the first task was who will host my EMAIL services and what should my EMAIL address be.

My criteria for choosing a new EMAIL services provider was control, simplicity, and availability. EMAIL services was already included in my hosting provider plan with CoinOpHosting but I wasn’t using it. So I turned the service on and created an EMAIL account . (You may ask  – Why not GMAIL or similar free EMAIL account?  That is worthy of a topic on it’s own so let me save for a future post.)

With a new EMAIL address enabled in hand and my old EMAIL address still available, I started prioritizing a list of sites I need to visit to register my EMAIL address change. This included;

  • Financials (Banking, PayPal)
  • Health & Welfare
  • Commerce (Amazon, eBay)
  • Utilities & Services
  • Sites with strong association to Personal Brand (LinkedIn)

No doubt I was going to miss some important web site but I figure with this prioritization any site I’d miss would only have the pain of inconvenience rather than real consequence. After two hours I already addressed my critical sites and was running out of sites I could recall that should be changed.

Once I got home  I sent out a mass email to all my contacts using my new EMAIL account informing them of my new email address and the why behind it. Since it was coincidentally April 1 that I sent the EMAIL, I even included a way to verify it was truly me by referring to other methods in contacting me such as reply to the EMAIL with a question of personal knowledge only I could answer and is not published on the Internet.

All was well in the land with EMAIL responses to my mass EMAIL starting to trickle in until the next day I started getting password fail when connecting to my new EMAIL account with CoinOpHosting. Hoping the issue was some “fat finger” error on my part, I next tried accessing the CoinOpHosting management console  account and I got a password fail with that as well.

What now ? Tune in next time where we learn why I called them CoinOp Hosting.

For what it’s worth,

– Joe


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